Every Child Can Flourish

We believe that given the right opportunities academically, physically and spiritually every child can flourish. The Mission of Lighthouse Christian School is to glorify God by reaching children who might otherwise be left behind.

Lighthouse Christian School is a private Christian school in Florida’s First Coast area of Jacksonville, Orange Park, Middleburg and Callahan. 

Lighthouse Christian School is designed for the child who sometimes learns differently. Many Christian Schools use “college prep” programs that are very fast paced. This type of program can't be concerned about the student who falls behind.

This type of student needs to learn differently, so we teach them using the principles of Multiple Intelligence Theory. This principle uses smaller classes where the teacher knows each child and recognizes the need to teach differently so the student learns differently. Most students want to learn and can learn when you match their learning ability with the appropriate presentation and evaluation methods. At Lighthouse Christian School we use this principle every day, with every student. With many schools, this type of student would only receive a certificate of completion, but with our program the majority receive a high school diploma.
Our Academic Dean has been working in special education for nearly 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge. All of our teachers and staff are trained to handle students who need “special attention” to keep them on track so they can learn to love school, rather than going to a school where they know they will never catch up.

At Lighthouse Christian School we structure the size of our classes based on the student's age. Our younger elementary classes have approximately 9 students per class. The older elementary classes have approximately 13 students per class and middle and high school classes have approximately 16 students per class.
We take the McKay Scholarship Program 
Step Up For Students Scholarship Program
Providing Scholarships to over 40,000 low-income children in Florida. 

The total cost for tuition, registration, books and testing is $8,200 per year. However, if your child qualifies for a Scholarship, it may cover all or part of the total tuition! For the student who needs additional help we have small group tutoring, individual tutoring, speech therapy and occupational therapy. We charge additional fees for these services, but find they are well worth it to help students who need special attention. We also accept the John McKay Scholarship. We do have Bible and PE as part of our schedule as we believe academic, physical and Spiritual education all work together because with God all things are possible!
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