How To Talk To Your Child About Tragedy

We live in a world where tragedies like mass shootings, suicides, and acts of war seem to be more common. Talking to your child about these tragedies can be a good way to help them understand, cope, and process these events and can help your child deal with the trauma in a healthy way. Here are some great tips on how to go about talking to your child about a tragedy. Age Appropriate Honesty Your children will hear about tragedies on the news, on the radio, at school, and even on social media, and they will definitely have questions. Answer those questions as honestly as possible while remaining age appropriate. For example, very young children should not hear about details of m

The Challenges Facing Christian Children

Christian youth today are faced with many challenges that were unimaginable a few decades ago. Understanding these struggles can help parents know the most appropriate way to help any child trying to navigate to adulthood with sustained faith. Many of these challenges originate from media and technology as well as pressure from both peers and society as a whole. In the technological age, it seems we are able to access just about anything instantly. This is a wonderful blessing for young Christians as they seek out faith-building music, videos, and devotionals. However, just as easily accessed, if not more so, are music, videos, and articles filled with immoral content. With a few

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