Creating Your Child's Moral Compass

Children aren't born with a moral compass. It's up to their parents to begin the process of teaching them Christian values. However, Christian parents may be unsure how to best introduce right living to very young children. Be assured that by following these parenting tips, your child will learn to turn to God as the model for their behavior. Start Young Children are born eager to soak up information on everything from how to maneuver peas into their mouth to how to roughhouse with Daddy. As Christian parents, your goal isn't just to train your child, but to train them up. And as with everything they aspire to, practice eventually makes perfect. When foundations are laid young, you'll fi

The Benefits of Private School Over Public School

An increasingly prevalent issue within middle class families is how to decide between choosing private or public education. This is especially true for families that possess a Christian foundation and want their values reflected in a good, Christian education for their children. Although both settings can benefit students, private schools are an attractive option for parents and children for the following reasons: The Experience of Receiving a Christian Education Parents are becoming increasingly motivated to enroll their children in private Christian schools. This is largely due to a Christian school’s ability to foster a safe environment for religious education and spiritual growth.

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