Four Ways to Help Your Child Have A Successful School Year

Parents want to see their children do well in school, but short of doing their homework for them, how can parents help? Here are four tips to encourage your kids to have a successful school year: 1. Encourage your children to eat healthy. A child's diet can be instrumental to his or her success in school. Just as nutrients serve to feed the child's body, we must teach our children that they feed the mind as well. Over the years, it has become common for students of all ages to skip breakfast, often times due to time constraints in the morning. This causes a lack in nourishment in the morning, which normally cause a child to lose focus throughout the school day. Studies have shown that st

Learning Disabilities: Not Broken, Just Different

When you have a learning disability, it's easy to internalize that society is not set up for how your brain works and try to fight against it instead. But doing so doesn't make a person any more effective or functional, or any closer to how we perceive a "normal" person. The keys to living with what we term “learning disabilities” are understanding how you work, accepting what you find, and working with it. Parents of children with learning disabilities can achieve much by helping their child cultivate this mindset. There's no single approach to dealing with all learning disabilities. There's only narrow overlap between learning when you have ADHD, or learning when you have autism, or le

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