About Our School

Lighthouse Christian School is a private Christian school in Florida's First Coast area of Jacksonville and Orange Park. Lighthouse Christian School is designed for the child who sometimes learns differently. Many Christian Schools use "college prep" programs that are very fast paced. This type of program can't be concerned about the student who falls behind. Once a child is labeled as a failure in these programs it can have a very deep, long term, psychological impact on the child.

About Our Teachers

We are proud to say that we meet or exceed the state requirement of all teachers having either a four year degree, a minimum of three years teaching experience or have received specialized training.

David and Karen Eure
David Eure
Founder & President

Thank you for visiting our Lighthouse Christian School website! We are delighted you are investing the time to learn more about a quality, Christian education for your child.


Our passion is finding the best teaching solution for our students. So contact one of our Campus Directors today to find out how your child can get started with Lighthouse Christian School! Click here to find one our convenient Northeast Florida campuses nearest you.

What's Special About Our Classes?

​Sometimes students feel there is too much going on in their minds to stay focused in school. That's why we do things differently. We believe, that by having smaller classes with individualized instruction, the student can learn better.


We offer a traditional school year that follows the August to May calendar and have similar holidays to public schools, making scheduling easier on families.


We have 6 classes and teach the Bible. While we are not a college prep school we do offer a high school diploma and many of our students go on to higher learning.


We have found that smaller classes and smaller campuses make for better learning so we are convenient to all areas of town with small personable campuses where the student is known by name.

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