Tips For Teaching Kids The Bible

Children love to hear and read stories. Their inquisitive minds absorb the details of the stories and lead them to ask many questions. Stories from the Bible offer some interesting challenges. The characters and settings may be unfamiliar, along with the culture and history of the region. All of these details are wonderful opportunities to explain the characteristics of early Christians and the challenges they faced. They are also unique openings that allow parents to suggest applications for daily life. Suggestions for Parents While not everyone has the experience of a skilled teacher, almost anyone can share Biblical lessons with their kids. With a little time and effort, you'll see the ef

How Video Games Can Be Beneficial To Kids

Many parents struggle with the amount of time their children spend with a video game controller in hand, staring at the television screen. There are plenty of reports of the negative effects of too much screen time. For parents who are afraid they've ruined their children forever, however, there's good news: in many cases, video games can actually benefit your students. Building Problem-Solving Skills Many video games quickly hone problem-solving skills, giving students the confidence to apply those skills in the real world. They have to solve codes, work out challenges, and learn how to adapt to a changing environment. These problem-solving skills aren't just video game skills; they're skil

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