Risk and Reward

I remember many years ago reading about a survey that had been conducted over a several month period of elderly folks about their lives. It was very intriguing and I believe contained some unquestionably sobering yet equally inspiring information all of us should ponder. There was an age requirement for the survey participants that they not be younger than 90 years old. In fact, there were a couple more than 100 years old. One can only imagine the many memories each of them must have had. After a few mundane questions were asked of the participants, they came to the one most intriguing. They were asked, "If you could live your life all over again, what one thing would you do differently?" As

Staying Focused on the Present

How many times have you day-dreamed about something nicer or better than an item you already have? Admit it. I bet you have. Candidly, all of us at one point or another do it. It's something we're all wired for. We inherently want to improve. Maybe it's for ourselves. Or perhaps for a spouse or child or even parent. Many times, we are compelled by desire. We have not yet fully developed that skill of being satisfied with what we already have. However, necessity very often also drives us for something better. Prioritizing the reasons are probably best left for another post. Suffice to say, regardless of the motivation, there is actually a process by which we should look to the future while re

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