Choices, choices

Paper or plastic? What size would you like? Which color would you prefer? How many would you like? Is it just the two of you this evening? Would you like that hot or mild? Which dressing would you like? Every day, each of us are faced with decisions. It seems from nearly the moment our feet hit the floor, the choices in our every day lives come at us non-stop. What would you like to eat for breakfast? Which pair of pants will you wear? Sneakers or loafers? Jeans or skirt? Button down or pullover? It's constant! The truth is, most of our choices require us to use a lot of brain power. In fact, the decisions we make before we leave the house each morning have barely scratched the surface of th

The Truth Be Told

At some point (or points) in our lives, the opportunity arises when we're faced with a choice. It could be a small or big choice. It may be life altering. It may seem insignificant. You might even think it's no big deal and that no one would ever know or care about your decision. But, the fact is, all of us will have to make a choice. What am I talking about? It's the opportunity to tell the truth or lie about something. The chances are you have probably seen a television program or movie with a courtroom scene. You may have even been summoned to testify in some type of legal proceeding. Usually a person is called to step forward to an ominous looking chair situated adjacent to the judge's b

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