Learning to say, "No".

Since the 1980s when Nancy Reagan famously began an official battle on the influx of drugs in the United States, the word 'no' has gained more and more attention. And while many folks may debate you on the effectiveness of just saying the word, learning to know how and when to use the word effectively can possibly reduce some stress from your life and increase your influence. Why do people say 'no'? Alright! Obviously, the word is used whenever we object to something. Most toddlers learn the word early on (or should). Maybe it's right before they reach for something harmful or when they're about to run out into the street. As a parent, you don't want something bad to happen to your child. So

Investing or Spending Your Time

In earlier generations in America, it seemed there was an inordinate emphasis placed on finding a good job or career and working hard, devoting as much time as possible to climbing that ladder. Then one day, so they said, everything will be great. Unfortunately, the millions of broken marriages and families of those who took that prescription stand as a grave warning to the consequences of a life lived out of balance. For years since, many marriage and family experts have suggested that, at the minimum, we should all make a committed effort to devote as much time and energy to our family time as we do with our work. If you are like a lot of people, though, this makes for quite the struggle.

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