Supplementing Learning At Home

Your child's teachers provide a valuable academic foundation, and the greatest gift you can give your child is to be involved in their learning. This can be done through creative methods that go beyond helping with homework. Dawn DeGrazia shared her experiences taking a page from homeschool methods to supplement her children's private school education at home. Check out these fun and engaging ways to supplement your child's education: Foster a Love for Reading Reading is a crucial component in your child's education. Reading comprehension skills will play a vital role in academic success. In today's world, students would rather read social media than to go to the library and dive into

How to Help Your Oldest Child Cope with a New Sibling

When you bring a new baby into the house, it's not uncommon for your oldest child to have trouble adjusting. She's spent her entire life being your main focus--and now she'll have to share that attention with a new sibling who requires a lot of care and affection. If older children start to feel jealous, they might act out, talk back, or disregard or complain about the new baby. Fortunately, if you prepare your child beforehand and help them through the adjustment process, they might end up seeing the new sibling not as competition, but as a friend or ally. Are you preparing to introduce a new baby into your home? Here's some parenting tips to make sure your oldest doesn't feel left out when

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