The Magic of Seed Planting

If you have ever had the opportunity to spend any time on a farm, the chances are you may have seen cows, sheep or pigs. Maybe you remember seeing a tractor, horses, hay bales and even some row crops, like corn or wheat or cotton. In fact, if you have ever driven north on Interstate 75 through Georgia, no doubt, you have probably seen acres and acres of cotton fields or even soybean fields. During my life, it seems I am always amazed at those fields of cotton or corn. All the rows seem perfectly aligned, waiting for just the right harvest time when the "fruit" of their stocks is picked and taken away to be delivered to our local grocery store or farmers market where we'll pick through the cr

Parenting in the 21st Century

It is no secret that access to just about any kind of data is simpler than ever before. The explosive growth of personal smartphone and tablet use is a huge benefit to everyone. Need information to finish a paper you're writing? No problem. Google it. Trying to find good Mexican food near you? Easy! Just a search away. Want the highest rated one? Check it out on Yelp. These are a few of the more wholesome examples of how the internet can be an incredible gateway to some very useful resources for some of our everyday needs. Other, more personal uses might include finding someone for a long-term relationship. There are plenty of websites and apps that can help you find the right one. Unfortuna

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