Making Mistakes

Face it. We all make mistakes. Of course, some of them are larger than others or, more specifically, the impact of some mistakes is much greater. Some mistakes we make in life are relatively small. You know the ones like choosing chocolate cake instead of strawberry pie. Or grabbing a slot-head screwdriver instead of a Phillips-head. These are the myriad mistakes made almost daily to which we probably never give a second thought. Nothing big, right? In fact, the effect of these kinds of mistakes are those we wish we had when we make the really big mistakes in life. The truth is that just about every human being makes a big mistake or more some time in their life. Mistakes in this category ma

Life's Labels

Many years ago, I remember reading a book that included a story of a couple schoolmates who were real pranksters all through childhood. It seemed no matter where they were and who they were with, they would somehow get into trouble playing a prank on someone. One day while out and about during Summer break, the boys happened to be in a small, locally owned department in the little town they lived in. As they walked through the aisles of the store, they noticed the price tags either hanging from or stuck on all the items for purchase. Suddenly, one of them wondered how funny it would be and what confusion it would create if all the price tags were switched. What a laugh they would have to see

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