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Recently, I was driving my car across the Buckman Bridge and noticed something unusual. It seemed as I drove along one of the straighter areas of the bridge, my car began to drift slightly to the right. I tested it a couple times and confirmed that, sure enough, my wheels were out of alignment.

If you have never had to arrange for an alignment on your vehicle, the fix for this is actually pretty simple. I took it to a local tire dealer and had them perform an alignment. I sat in their customer lounge and watched through a large glass window as they raised my car on an hydraulic lift. Then they, one-by-one, attached some odd looking gizmo to each tire and wheel. This device allowed the technician to see exactly how far out of alignment each wheel was and then electronically and mechanically adjust the wheel until it was in perfect alignment with the other wheels.

As I observed the alignment being performed on my car, I was struck with how critical alignment is for not only the longevity of my car's tires but also the overall safety of the entire vehicle. Obviously, alignment is very important!

It reminds me of the importance of having proper alignment in the critical parts of our lives. This includes spiritual, moral and even political. Some folks may overlook this, thinking, "If I take care of my own life, it really doesn't matter how the people I hang out with or listen to or let influence me run their own lives." Oh, really? Guess again.

The bible actually gives us insight into the significance of properly aligning ourselves with the right influences. Take a look at 1 Corinthians 15:33. It actually says, “bad company corrupts good character.” There is so much to be said about the influences in our lives and how they can either positively or negatively affect our future.

Another example to consider is politically. Like it or not, agree with it or not, there are and have been two major political parties in the United States for at least 150 years. Namely, they are the Republican and Democrat parties. Regardless of what you call yourself, it is with whom you align yourself that speaks many volumes more about your true identity and who you are as well as they consequences you may face because of that alignment.

From a Godly perspective, it would be hard to argue with a straight face that aligning yourself with the Democrat party is what Jesus would do. Take a look at party platforms and one can quickly see that the aborting of our defenseless babies stands front and center as a foundational plank of the Democrat platform while the Republican platform remains solidly pro-life. Someone aligning themselves with those who proudly and boldly stand for and defend the slaughter of innocents, sadly couching this so called right as women's healthcare, should only expect horrible consequences in the future. But there is hope!

While the Republican party is by no means pure as the driven snow, it continues to at least foundationally embrace life in its core values. Perhaps that is one way to begin to get yourself into alignment.

Other ways you can get nearer that perfect alignment are the friends with which you hang out.

Ask yourself:

  1. Does this person share the same values I do?

  2. Will following their example prove positive results?

  3. Does this person have the kind of fruit I would like to eventually see in my life?

These are just a few questions you should ask. Once you have the answers, perhaps some hard decisions need to be made. Take them seriously, because it may involve separating yourself from the relationship.

Just remember, alignment!


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