Developing Passion

Passion is a great word. We hear it used in songs and television shows and movies and even motivation speeches. Passion can be either good or bad. Maybe passion causes you to conjure up thoughts of being with that special person in your life, maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend. We can all pretty naturally go there quickly. But the passion I write about in this post is the kind required for any of us to reach the highest levels of achievement and personal satisfaction. The dictionary defines passion as strong and barely controllable emotion. A couple of my favorite quotes about passion are from pretty famous people. The great South African revolutionary and President Nelson Mandela once remarked

A Pace Toward Success

Zig Ziglar once wrote,"You don't have to be great to start. But you do have to start to be great." Most everyone has at least this one thing in common; we are all at the starting line of something sometime in life. Another common trait is, we all want to win. Let's face it, though. Because we all have different goals, outlooks, experiences, ages, shapes and sizes, we cross the finish line at different times and there is typically only one winner in a race. But who told you you're in a race? Sometimes we set unrealistic expectations for ourselves and often, when we fail to meet those expectations, we plummet into a doldrums, despair and even depression. Of course, I'm not necessarily talking

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