Respect Your Elders

I remember as a child growing up, hearing my mom and dad tell me often to always ‘respect my elders’. Back then I suppose I assumed ‘my elders’ were simply my parents or grandparents. Thankfully, as I grew older I learned that I had elders to respect both by blood and basic humanity. Essentially, elders were just about anyone who was older than me but, probably more specifically, those who were many years older. Looking back, I cannot thank my parents enough for their wisdom in teaching me this great advice. I discovered it was something each of my grandparents had taught them. I have done my best to honor all of them. Respecting our elders is a very honorable thing to do. But I believe it g

Making Enemies

I know, I know. The title is a bit provocative. I mean, really! Who would set out in life to purposely make an enemy? After all, why would a post like this be coming from Lighthouse Christian School? But if you'll indulge me for a few minutes, I will try and make some sense of it to make a point. The title is borne from a quote made famous by Winston Churchill many years ago. He was quoted as saying, "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." A Little Background Winston Churchill was a huge historical figure, having lived as a journalist, army officer, author, orator, politician and, most notably, as Prime Minister of Great Britain not once, bu

When the End Seems Far Away

Well, it's that time of year again when students, teachers and parents gain excitement about upcoming completions and graduations. The excitement may be that one school year has ended or perhaps that a pretty significant step lies ahead, like moving from Junior to your Senior year. But even in the midst of the excitement, there are also groups consisting of those frustrated and those nervous. Often the frustration comes from students or parents thinking there are some assignments lacking for a particular class or two, or maybe that test scores didn't accurately measure comprehension. The resulting weight of this frustration and nervousness can cause even the strongest personalities to think

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