The Benefits of Disciplining Your Children

Every child requires discipline to grow into a responsible adult. However, many parents often find it challenging to foster discipline in their children. Debates rage as to how you should teach your child, but what is clear is that your child should grow up in the ways of the Lord. Here is why you should be disciplining children. To have and understand their boundaries When God entrusts you with the kids, he expects you to perform your duties accordingly. Children have young and fresh minds, and as a parent, you need to mold them. One thing you should do is to teach them to understand their boundaries. Disciplining them when they mess up teaches them to understand their limits and how much t

Rescuing Christmas: How To Keep The True Meaning Alive For Our Children

Christian parents know that raising a child of faith in a secular world is difficult, and never does this seem more problematic than during the month of December. Let's be honest, a broke couple and their new baby just don't hold the same magical allure of a scarlet-clad man carrying bags of toys over his shoulder, no matter how much eternal salvation the baby will eventually offer. So how, parents? How can you instill the true meaning of Christmas into tiny hearts? Don't worry. It isn't as daunting as it seems. Find the Sacred - Our family tends toward the evangelical, but we have borrowed the advents celebrations of more liturgical traditions. Each night we read from a storybook Bible and

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