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The Benefits of Disciplining Your Children

Every child requires discipline to grow into a responsible adult. However, many parents often find it challenging to foster discipline in their children. Debates rage as to how you should teach your child, but what is clear is that your child should grow up in the ways of the Lord. Here is why you should be disciplining children.

To have and understand their boundaries

When God entrusts you with the kids, he expects you to perform your duties accordingly. Children have young and fresh minds, and as a parent, you need to mold them. One thing you should do is to teach them to understand their boundaries. Disciplining them when they mess up teaches them to understand their limits and how much they can stretch them.

To foster independence

Disciplining children helps them to master the art of being independent. When they learn that unpalatable consequences await them if they stray, they grow to get to think and make decisions independently. It is important because you don't expect your kids to remain kids forever but to mature as the years pass. As they grow, they will find it easy to be on their own and only nominally require your help.

To teach responsibility

Many parenting tips mention teaching responsibility as a key pillar to discipline. You may have come across irresponsible brats hurling unprintable insults at each other and wondered what the devil was up to. You never want your children to go the same way, so you take to Christian parenting as the best option. Your kids won't need constant supervision, and hence you will be free to devote yourself to other helpful activities.

Inculcating appropriate behavior

Christian parenting is challenging. As a Christian, God expects you to exercise restraint as you correct your kids. Whatever the mess, the Bible requires you to apply and show love to your children – even if they have pulled down and broken the TV for the 10th time. The journey towards your child's appropriate behavior might be long and tedious, but its rewards are immense. Think of a child who sits quietly in church, dutifully reads from the Bible when required, and observes politeness and courtesy when interacting with older folks. You would be proud of such a child.

To establish self-discipline

One reason for disciplining children is to foster self-discipline . You don't want to spend the better part of your day checking up on your progeny. There is only so much you can do, and remember, you can't be with your children all the time. They’ve got to go to school, and you have your duties to perform. Check out the best parenting tips to help inculcate a sense of self-discipline.

It may not be a question of how by why your child needs proper discipline. If you want to inculcate the values of independence, self-discipline, confidence and understanding their boundaries, you will need to pull up your socks and devise ways of disciplining children. And remember to seek God's intervention in the lives of your kids.

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