When Being Right Can Be Wrong

Throughout each of our lives, we have more than enough opportunities to prove ourselves right. Chances are, it probably started when you were a little kid. Maybe you were always the kind of student in school who seemed to always have the answer to all the teacher's questions. Or maybe you were constantly pestered by an older sibling you vowed to be better at in as many things as possible. Throughout life, we all enjoy having the right answer to a question or maybe the right way of doing something. It's pretty natural. Having all the right answers seems to make life simpler and more efficient for us and our families. It may even seem that it is common sense to correct every mistake or mispron

Teamwork Lessons from Geese

It is not uncommon to see someone striving to be someone. You know what I mean. They think they can make a name for themselves by doing something faster, creating something better looking, inventing something more advanced, or even doing something destructive that gets them some attention. While these achievements, honorable or dubious, can gain them the attention they may seek, very often the real reason for these attempts are rooted in a lack of identity. As a Christian school, Lighthouse Christian School not only teaches its students the typical educational basics, we strive to teach that our identity as followers of Christ can only be found in a growing relationship with God through Jesu

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