Why Your Child Believes What They Do?

Have you ever wondered about why you or your child believes the things they believe? There are actually several reasons. It is said that each of our lives is the sum total of the influence of our upbringing as a child, the people we hang around with, the books we read, and the music we listen to. If you’ve been concerned about how your child’s belief system, take a good look at the group of friends they hang out with. It really is true; you become what you hang around with. You may ask yourself, “Is there something I can do to turn things around in my child’s life?” or “Is it too late to make a real change in the direction they’re heading?” Thankfully, there are some things you can do. And,

New Beginnings

It's that time of year again when the start of school begins a new season in life for all of us. It can sometimes be a bit awkward or even exhilarating when you meet new teachers or school mates or parents or becoming acclimated to new classes, subjects and books. But I'm certain we'll all adjust and get into a great pace. Speaking of new seasons, I think one of the best life lessons I have learned is the fact that God often gives us the opportunity to start something new. Thank you, Father! I am thankful because, like many people, I have made plenty of mistakes in life and the chance to have another go at it is a blessing I do not take lightly. To take it a step further and at the risk of s

Embracing Truth

It seems now more than ever, our society and culture has mistakenly evolved to perpetuate the belief that truth is relative. Essentially, truth has somehow shifted to a moving target based on one’s experiences and feelings instead of empirical and historical evidence. The ramifications of this slippery slope should not go unnoticed. After all, if truth is only relative to a person’s situation or emotions or even beliefs, how can one ever definitively argue a point; any point? Until the last few years of this past century, truth was definite, measured and observed based on facts. You could say that truth was truth. But you may ask, “What is truth?” The dictionary defines truth as “that which

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