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Bucking the System

We all probably know someone who seems to not have a problem with speaking their minds when something appears to be just a little off. These kinds of people seem to have an innate sensitivity to injustice.

They are also the ones who color outside the lines, who are unafraid of drifting away from protocols and the status quo. They buck the system.

Initially, these folks may simply appear as wayward souls, searching for ways to express their inner frustrations. And, yes, there are a lot of folks out there who go around just looking for a fight. That’s not what we’re talking about here, though. Understand also that there is a difference between someone who fights for justice & equity and someone else who simply cannot yield and submit to authority in their life. Yieldedness is the answer for those folks.

Sometimes you just know in your knower when something isn’t right. It’s that feeling deep down in your gut that signals some kind of injustice or inequity. Hopefully, all of us have a little sensitivity in us that can motivate us. You may hear about some rule or law or policy that sounds a little off and you want to help make it right. That is possibly the signal to start at least thinking about bucking the system.

Before you make a trip to the nearest picket sign supply store, there are some steps as a Christian believer that should be taken first.

Count the cost

There is always a cost to taking moral steps. Stop and count that cost. Would the thing you are contemplating cause physical damage to your life or property or that which belongs to someone else? If the answer to that question is in the affirmative, are you prepared to compensate for that loss, financial or otherwise? Could the consequences cause you legal challenges or even incarceration?

These questions and many others need to be asked and answered before moving ahead.

Pray, pray, pray

At Lighthouse Christian School, we believe in prayer. Specifically, we pray to our Father God in the name of Jesus Christ and ask Him for guidance and counsel. Do not ever underestimate the power of prayer and God’s ability to answer those prayers.

From the very beginning of Lighthouse, prayer has been foundational to everything we do. From the hiring of staff to the selection of curriculum, nothing has been done without praying first.

Get counsel

The Bible teaches us that there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. (check Proverbs 11:14, 15:22 & 24:6). There are probably people in your life who have made the tough choices of having to stand for justice and buck the system. Search them out. I’m sure they would love to tell you about their experiences and give you advice. By the way, make sure the advice you are given lines up with the Word of God. (See next one!)

Search the Word

The Bible is full of wisdom and After all, it’s God’s Holy Spirit breathed Word! Read it, live it, know it. You might be surprised at finding the answers you need in order to move ahead with your plans.

Understand that, while bucking the system sometimes has its place in life, truly more often than not, there are good reasons policies are put in place. But above all else, get wisdom!

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