Urgent or Important?

You're in the middle of spending some much needed time with your good friend. After all, you have had so many things "pop up" that have kept you from this long awaited date. It is a great time, laughing, telling stories and getting caught up on each other's goings on. Your friend begins telling you of a dire situation involving their family that requires some good counsel. You sense the seriousness of their circumstance and really focus on listening. Suddenly, your phone rings. You immediately pick it up and see on your caller ID that it's your office assistant. You interrupt your friend mid-conversation to answer the call and after a few seconds of chatter, your assistant asks if they can b

When Storms Come…and They Will

As a resident of Florida, we are among the envied by the millions of northern U.S. folks weathering another winter storm, dropping on them a foot or more of snow this week. Even this morning, we saw Instagram photos from relatives shoveling snow from sidewalks and driveways in New England. In contrast, days with temperatures in the 70s here in Florida should cause us to appreciate the blessing of living here even more. I know from personal experience, however, that we Floridians are not without our own weather challenges, especially with the Summer storms in the form of hurricanes. Our storms are typically wetter and involve much stronger winds than the Winter snow storms up north. The point

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