Socialism vs Capitalism

Many years ago, even before many of our current Lighthouse students were born, President Barack Obama ran his 2008 campaign on a platform to ‘fundamentally change America.’ At the time, I am convinced the majority of his supporters did not fully understand what he meant by this statement or what such an idea would mean for certain freedoms. Yet many people believed in him and took that phrase as a positive thing. It can be demonstrated that during his administration federal regulations skyrocketed, the government swelled to an historic size, individual freedoms were diminished and government agencies were weaponized against politically dissenting organizations and individuals. Data show that

Open for Business

Take a few minutes to think about how many people you personally know who own their own business. One? A couple? Several? Now, think about the common denominator in each of these folks. The chances are great that each of them, at the minimum, had a dream or saw a need. Then they felt they had a solution to meet that need. These folks are called entrepreneurs. And guess what? They're no different than you or I except that they made the leap and started something. Here are some recent data about small businesses and entrepreneurship: The United States was home to 30.7 million small businesses in 2019. More than 69% of American entrepreneurs start their businesses at home. Homeowners are 10% mo

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