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Salt and Light

Obviously, every time we say our name, Lighthouse Christian School, we make the declaration that we are Christian. Now, of course, we are not stating that everyone with any connection with Lighthouse is a christian (although we would hope for that). But we can confidently say that the significant majority of those administrating, teaching and attending Lighthouse are born again and serve Jesus Christ!

We make it a practice during our school days to always make space for worship and bible study. These are some of the ways we make disciples. One of the last statements Jesus made just prior to ascending to heaven was, "Go and make disciples of all nations." Note, that was not a suggestion. In fact, this is a mandate.

Earlier in the gospel of Matthew, chapters 5 thru 7, one of the most popular sermons in history was given. You may have heard its more popular name, the Sermon on the Mount. This is the sermon where Jesus taught us things about how God blesses us when we are poor in spirit, meek, humble, when we mourn, etc. These and several more have been named the beatitudes. Another way I've heard it called is the beautiful attitudes. And they are beautiful!

Just after Jesus taught the beatitudes, he spoke metaphorically when He began teaching on salt and light. He declared that those of us who believe in Jesus and have, by faith, received God's gift of salvation are salt of the earth and light of the world. Personally, I think these are great symbols that expertly communicate the way by which we carry out His last commandment to make disciples. But how do you stay salty and not let your light dim?

Ordinarily, salt cannot stop being salty. UNLESS, it gets wet. When exposed to water, technically, it still does not lose its saltiness; it simply dissolves. You see, unlike many other spices which are typically derived from plants, salt is actually made from the chemical sodium chloride, which is pretty stable. There is a great implication presented when Jesus stated that we are the salt of the earth. That implication is that we can find stability in Jesus.

When Jesus stated that we are the light of the world, He followed up by giving some things that you would not do when you are operating as that light. The long and short of it is, you don't hide your light!

That light represents what has happened and what continues to happen in your life as a follower of Jesus. Your light is the hope of salvation and eternal life. That is the same hope that you and I are to go and tell others about.

It's true. Each of us have times in our lives when we simply don't taste salty or perhaps we've allowed our lights to dim. But there are things we can do in order to remain salty and keep your light shining.

  • Limit the voices and influences in your life.

  • Start your day in prayer and devotion.

  • Be actively making other disciples of Christ.

Stay salty and keep your light shining bright


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