Time for an Upgrade

I can't count the number of times I have received some type of popup or notice or banner on my laptop or smartphone announcing I was due for an upgrade. It may be my operating system, an application or perhaps even the equipment itself. Whichever it is, something happened that triggered the alert. Ordinarily, this is a pretty simple process. More often than not, it's simply a matter of clicking a button or two, rebooting the device and, voilà, it's operating (most of the time) like new. Pretty easy! Sometimes in life, we also have those times when an upgrade is required. I say, "required", only if we are wanting to grow or improve our circumstances. I know I may be guilty of going out on a l

Honored by Shepherds and Magi

So we're here again celebrating Christmas. As is typical, there are a few different categories of people we can identify during this season, including: some who simply see this as a time to buy presents for family and friends; some who really don't care at all about any meaning of Christmas and see it as just some time off to relax or do what they want; and, some who recognize this time when we focus on the birth of the much prophesied Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). As you probably know or at least could guess, at Lighthouse Christian School, we are decidedly followers of Jesus and, obviously, fall into the last category. Jesus really is the reason for the season. In the New Testament books of Mat

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