Keeping Promises

“I promise!” How many times have you said that? Personally, I can remember saying that statement ever since I was a toddler. You probably even hear kids say it to each other all the time for one reason or another. Maybe it’s a response to a secret. Or perhaps it’s said as your commitment to do something in exchange for something else. Or maybe it’s said to complete a task or homework or a repayment. Whatever the reason, keeping promises does not seem to be as important today as it was even just a few short years ago. It’s taken for granted. It’s cliche. Unfortunately, it has become all too common to hear of a politician or government official or police officer or even a minister telling som

Understanding that ADHD is Real

As educators, we have the privilege of teaching all kinds of students. Many of the students we teach at Lighthouse Christian School have had the experience of learning (or trying to learn) in an environment of mass student populated public schools. In fact, many of our teachers have public school teaching experience. The pressures teachers have in the public education system are enormous, not the least of which includes the opposing feelings of empathy, wanting to provide individual attention to each student, and performance, needing to get as many students to pass standardized testing in order to keep a job. As you can well imagine, there is little if any tolerance for students who may lear

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