3 Ways You Can Be A Role Model For Your Teen

Parenting teens can be a challenge. If you want to raise your children by Christian parenting principles, the job can be even harder. Younger kids are often happy to listen to you and accept the values you want to instill in them, but teens can be rebellious and headstrong. How can you raise a happy, healthy teen with Christian values? The best way to help your teenage children grow into mature Christian adults is to be a good role model for them. As a Christian role model, you'll be an example to your kids of how to live by your family and church values. You won't have to do any preaching or lecturing, which often doesn't work on teenagers anyways - your leadership will speak for itself. Th

Teaching Kids Compassion

No matter what traits you attempt to verbally instill into them, you will eventually pass on to your children many of the habits you practice around your them. Leading by example is among the best methods for helping them understand empathy. It means adopting the lifestyle you envision for them as a way of demonstrating how to measure the importance of giving. While helping children find positive, Christian role models on television and out in the world is helpful, nothing truly replaces leadership in the home. Talk to Them Responsible parenting means taking time out to talk to your kids about compassion, whenever the opportunity arises. It's a great way to help them become mindful of situat

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