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3 Ways You Can Be A Role Model For Your Teen

Parenting teens can be a challenge. If you want to raise your children by Christian parenting principles, the job can be even harder. Younger kids are often happy to listen to you and accept the values you want to instill in them, but teens can be rebellious and headstrong. How can you raise a happy, healthy teen with Christian values?

The best way to help your teenage children grow into mature Christian adults is to be a good role model for them. As a Christian role model, you'll be an example to your kids of how to live by your family and church values. You won't have to do any preaching or lecturing, which often doesn't work on teenagers anyways - your leadership will speak for itself. These three tips can help you be the best role model you can for your kids.

Be understanding but authoritative.

Take an interest in your teenager's life and ask her about her schoolwork and friendships, but don't try to be her best friend. To be a good Christian role model, it's important that you take the leadership role in the relationship. That way, your child knows she can go to you for guidance and support. Many parents try to be friends with their teenage children, but that tends to backfire. Tthroughout the turbulent teen years, kids need teenage role models. Strive to be both kind and firm with your kids, and they'll respect you for it.

Embody the values you want to pass on to your teen.

Christian parenting takes more than just talk. You've got to act on your convictions to pass your values on to your children. Don't just tell them what they should do. Show them how a Christian adult acts. Volunteer, get active in your church, or model positive behaviors like a quick Bible study session every morning. Your kids learn from you, and when they see you bringing Christian values to life through your daily actions, they'll be inspired to do the same.

Help your teens get involved in activities where they can find other teenage role models.

Encourage your kids to be active in your church's youth group, participate in extracurricular activities, or take part in other programs that can help them develop their character and meet other like-minded teens and adults. It's healthy for teenagers to have a number of adults they look up to. Even if you're a great role model yourself, it will be a good experience for your teenagers to interact with others as they grow older and more independent.

Parenting teens might feel like a thankless job sometimes. With love and patience, though, you'll see your teenage child mature into a thoughtful and principled adult, and there's no feeling more rewarding than that. By serving as a positive Christian role model, you can help your children develop strong character during their teen years.

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