Real Freedom

We Americans generally know that in a few short days, we will celebrate Independence Day (i.e. 4th of July). I would have to imagine, given our nation’s political temperature and an increasing acceptance of more socialist-style policies, that we have done a less than stellar job of educating our younger generations on the real history and purposes of these incredible day. For most of my life, Independence Day has been one mostly involving a day off from work, spending time with family and friends, cooking out burgers and hotdogs, slicing up and eating a watermelon, going to the beach, and capping the day off with either lighting a bunch of firecrackers or sparklers or driving to see a big fi

Your Sphere of Influence

Whether you realize it or not, you have been given a sphere of influence. In fact, every single person, both the living and the dead, has been given a certain measure of influence. I know what you may be thinking and it is probably not unlike what I used to think. You may believe that influence is only for really important people. You know what I mean; it's those folks who occupy positions of power and authority. Like maybe politicians, corporate executives, professional athletes, doctors, attorneys, etc. While you are correct that all of these people have influence, you have missed the mark if you believe for a moment that the people who work common jobs, those in the middle and lower class

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