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The Truth Be Told

At some point (or points) in our lives, the opportunity arises when we're faced with a choice. It could be a small or big choice. It may be life altering. It may seem insignificant. You might even think it's no big deal and that no one would ever know or care about your decision. But, the fact is, all of us will have to make a choice.

What am I talking about? It's the opportunity to tell the truth or lie about something.

The chances are you have probably seen a television program or movie with a courtroom scene. You may have even been summoned to testify in some type of legal proceeding. Usually a person is called to step forward to an ominous looking chair situated adjacent to the judge's bench. Just prior to sitting down, however, the court clerk steps toward you

Swearing on the Bible

and instructs you to raise your right hand and place your left hand on the bible they're carrying. Then you either acknowledge or repeat the words of an oath just about every witness has given in a United States courtroom since the late 18th century. "Do you solemnly swear the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth (so help you God)?"

The tradition of requiring witnesses to swear an honesty oath likely traces back to Roman times. It was so serious that if someone was found to be intentionally lying, they were thrown off a cliff of rocks to a certain death. Suffice to say, when you testified about something, it was a very sobering, serious matter.

While a courtroom may sound like that is the place of all places to make certain you tell the truth, it's actually just another opportunity I described above. Telling the truth is simply a way of life.


Throughout my life, I have, unfortunately, come across too many folks who have developed the habit of not telling the truth. But let's call it what it is; it's lying! We could sugar-coat it and gloss it over. But I've discovered that words carry weight in life. So call it what it is.

One observation I have made about these people who lie is, they have to spend a lot of mental energy trying to remember their lies. "What did I tell that person?" "Did I say this or that?" Frankly, life is too short and it's much easier to just tell the truth. You don't necessarily have to remember much more than that. When you have the habit of lying, you also carry the reputation of being a liar. That is a reputation that none of us should have to carry. Plus, it is one that is self-inflicted.

So, what if you have lived some of your life with this nasty habit of lying. Is it possible for you turn over a new leaf? A resounding YES!!

All it takes is a decision. Decide to tell the truth in every situation. In school, business, relationships with parents, children, spouse, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend.....EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE!

Second thing you need to do is repent! Repenting may be an old-fashioned term. But it is one we all need to dust off and use as often as we violate God's laws. And lying does just that! Ask the Lord to forgive you and receive His grace and mercy.

Next, take little while to think of the times you have lied to someone. If it is more recent, make a list of the person or persons you have offended by your lie. Then, pray and ask God to give you the opportunity to apologize and ask that person's forgiveness. Remember, if what you have done to that person by lying to them is monumental, be prepared to not receive their forgiveness. If they don't forgive you, that's alright. Your responsibility is to ask for it. Their responsibility is to give it. If they don't, leave it in God's hands.

Lastly, renew your commitment to tell the truth, even when it hurts. And sometimes it may. But trust me; telling the truth pays benefits that are priceless both now and for eternity.

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