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Give Your Child’s Brain Time To Wake Up

If your child has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, you can use special techniques to help your child to follow a regular morning routine. The primary problem that you should try to resolve is confusion . You can use practical methods to motivate your child while also ensuring that your child will feel safe and happy. A key method is to ask your son or daughter to participate in the process for making decisions about his or her activities, which will help to control confusion.

Morning Medication

You can ease into the morning medicine by giving your child the ADHD medication and then using a short period for relaxation, such as 20 or 30 minutes, to permit the medication to begin to work. When your child finally does get out of bed, there will be fewer problems because the medication will help him or her to stay calm and focus on daily tasks such as brushing teeth, combing hair and putting on clothes.

Morning Conversations

Encourage your child to provide an opinion about the different activities that will be encountered during the day. There could be special methods that your child would prefer to use to prepare for an activity or to complete a chore such as storing the hamster food under the hamster cage. Some children want to watch a television program or want to exercise before they leave for school each day.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste Caddy

Your child should have a special shelf in the bathroom that is only for his or her personal items, which will help to control confusion. The toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash should be stored in a caddy. Your child will not be forced to waste time while searching for the toothpaste or the mouthwash. The caddy is similar to a work station toolbox that can be used to help a worker to quickly complete a task by storing all the necessary tools in one place.

Morning Drawer

Some special items for the morning, such as a comb or a brush, should be stored inside a chest of drawers in the bedroom. It will help your child remember each morning task because those items will be neatly stored in the drawer. With less confusion, your child can start the day in a happy mood and can feel pleased about his or her efforts for becoming independent.


The clothes for the day should be selected during the previous evening and then hung behind the closet door. That method can be used to reduce the number of decisions that must be made in the morning when time may be a crucial factor. The ADHD medication can be used to help your child control some of the problems that are caused by ADHD, but you should also use techniques for helping your child avoid emotional stress and for simplifying the morning routine.

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