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Different, not necessarily better

Be honest. How many times have you watched someone do something and you, thinking they didn’t do it correctly, interrupted them midstream to show them the right way to do it? Then afterward, it dawns on you that the job would have been done right the first way after all.

I know it has happened to me many, many times in my past. I had my way of doing things and if it was not done that way, of course, it had to be wrong. Really?

For so many folks, it seems to be an impossibility that some way other than there way could actually work. Maybe it’s pride. Or perhaps it’s control. Whatever the reason, the painful but very constructive lesson has been invaluable by so many when they discover they’re not the keeper of all things brilliant!

For me, it was a very close and loving friend that illuminated this revelation to me. I can’t thank them enough! Thinking back on all those previous years when my head was probably bigger than that of anyone else around, causes me to shrink.

What was I thinking? I’m not real sure. But I do know what I was not thinking. And there lies many lessons that, when each of us learn them, our relationships can be stronger, our influence can be greater and the respect others have for us can be increased.

So here are a couple of lessons that can help us all.

1. Always strive to be a lifelong learner

Learning should truly be a lifelong pursuit. When someone stops trying to learn more, it typically leads to an unsatisfied and boring life. Studies show that those people who continue to learn more about their job or industry earn more promotions and compensation.

2. There is more than one way to skin a cat

I know. That’s a pretty weird saying. But it packs a big lesson, particularly for this topic. Again, your way of doing something may work just as well as that of someone else. Heck! There way might possibly work better. Stay flexible!

3. Don’t jump to conclusions

Like I mentioned earlier, your way of completing a project may work. But always remember perspective. Sometimes a person’s perspective leads them to do something differently.

Remember these steps and I bet you’ll soon discover all the benefits of appreciating the different ways of doing things!

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