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Helping Your Child Overcome Learning Disabilities

Parents know the common challenges that come with helping kids mature and develop with each age. Children who suffer from learning disabilities can be even more challenging to raise with the different obstacles that arise. Fortunately, there are a number of steps to help them overcome learning disabilities. Enroll in Private School The public school system is not always equipped to assist children with learning disabilities. Overcrowded classrooms and a lack of resources can cause children to fall behind when they need more attention. Consider enrolling your child in a private Christian school. Lighthouse Christian School will provide individual attention and the right support to build self-confidence. Become an Expert Instead of relying on teachers or doctors to help your child thrive when they have trouble learning, become an expert on their specific learning disability and do your research to learn how you can help them at home. Look into therapy, special programs, and educational techniques that are available in the local area. Your child will thrive if he or she has a significant amount of tools and resources available. Learn How to Be an Advocate As a parent, you're the main person who can fight for your child’s rights and get the attention she sdeserve when she has trouble learning. Communicate her needs and become proactive to ensure that she can overcome limitations. This will allow others to listen to your needs and provide the right resources to help your child grow. Remain positive and optimistic to ensure that other people take you seriously and are willing to help. Set Reasonable Expectations According to, it's important to avoid setting the bar too high with expectations for children’s accomplishments. You may need to help them practice skills at home like setting the table or buttoning a shirt. Offer your guidance and assistance before they begin to perform the tasks independently. You can also teach them how to clean their rooms, complete a puzzle, or stack books on a shelf. Provide Language Models Many children who are diagnosed with a learning disability are slow to develop language skills, making it important for parents to provide language models that enhance their vocabulary. Help them understand specific word meanings and comprehend longer units of language. You also want to avoid placing attention on their language weaknesses or interrupting them when they're attempting to communicate. Help them engage in literary activities by reading books and practicing their writing skills. You can even play listening games and strengthen their visual-motor integration, according to Practice Math Spend time on the weekends or after school practicing math and number activities with games that the child can enjoy playing. Consider playing cards or dominos, which will allow the child to practice counting and will help them to learn the order of numbers.

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