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The Benefits of Private School Over Public School

An increasingly prevalent issue within middle class families is how to decide between choosing private or public education. This is especially true for families that possess a Christian foundation and want their values reflected in a good, Christian education for their children. Although both settings can benefit students, private schools are an attractive option for parents and children for the following reasons: The Experience of Receiving a Christian Education Parents are becoming increasingly motivated to enroll their children in private Christian schools. This is largely due to a Christian school’s ability to foster a safe environment for religious education and spiritual growth. Because public schools are obligated to create environments that avoid emphasizing religious concepts, they simply do not offer the opportunity for students to comprehend their spirituality along with their academic studies. Therefore, numerous Christian households are developing the desire to place their children in educational settings where their values are shared among the members of the school community. The Academic Approach A private school’s capacity to deviate from the standardized approaches that are implemented in public education is progressively advantageous as our society continues to transform. The emphasis that is placed on standardized testing and the pressure it places on students to perform has parents all over the United States questioning whether a public school education is the best route for their children. Private schools, being liberated from the constant demands of the state and/or national standards, have additional capabilities to focus on exploring and understanding academic concepts and teaching students how to apply them to real world situations. Individualized Attention in the Classroom Private schools are known for smaller class sizes and personal attention to students. Because the need to meet state and national educational standards is virtually eliminated in a private school setting, teachers and administrators in a private school have a larger capacity to focus on students’ individual learning styles and patterns. Parents who enroll their children in private schools are generally more aware of their child’s academic life and are more confident that their children’s individual needs are met. Teachers in private schools are skilled in crafting personal relationships with students while maintaining the classroom as an entity. Many families have found that Christian private schools are excellent alternatives to public education. Private schools have become more affordable for working middle class families. This makes them a realistic option for countless families. Parents will continue to take advantage of private schools so their children may receive the best educational experience possible. Christian private schools offer children phenomenal academic and spiritual growth opportunities that will shape them to become wholesome and productive adults.

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