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Top 3 Mistakes People Make in Transition

Transition has become one of those dirty little words most of us don't like to talk about. However, at one point or another in our lives, we all will experience some form of transition. It comes in many different forms. Career change, divorce, separation or break-up of a relationship, death of a family member or friend, children (and the list goes on and on), make up just a few of the different types of transition that one day, if you live long enough, you will probably experience. And don't think you can avoid it. No one is immune to transition.

When it comes, remember this saying: "Change is hard to live with, but impossible to live without." Simple but powerful!

Once you've resigned yourself to the inevitability of transition, there is a long list of mistakes you should avoid when going through transition. But here are three key mistakes all of us should keep in mind to not make when transitioning from one spot in life to another.


After leading his army across a bridge spanning Italy's Rubicon River, it is said that the Roman Emperor Caesar ordered his troops to burn the bridge, thereby removing any way of escape for either those in his own army having second thoughts about retreating or the enemy army. Although this story may demonstrate the courage and valor exhibited by Caesar, it, unfortunately, has become better known as a negative term to describe the acts of a former friend, a disenfranchised former associate or even a disgruntled employee.

We often burn bridges back to a company or relationship from where we left, either voluntarily or not, when we say bad things about the person or company to family members or friends.

There are not too many other ways to more quickly ruin your personal or professional reputation than by making this mistake. You may get some temporary satisfaction in your mind when you do this. But understand, it makes you look foolish and small, and more often than not, actually reveals some deficiencies in you.

You never know if the place or person you just left may very well be the catalyst you need to help thrust you into a new, better opportunity.


Another big mistake some people make when transitioning is to isolate themselves. There are many, untold opportunities missed simply because folks tend to isolate themselves away from the very people who can sometimes make an opportunity happen for us.

Isolation prevents us from tapping into the resources we need like counsel, wisdom and experience of others. Unfortunately, when we isolate ourselves during a transition, we become fair game to negative influences, bad habits and those missed opportunities.

Speaking of influences, be careful to not surround yourself with the wrong type of influences. Remember that influence is always taking place. You are either influencing or being influenced in just about any given situation.


What do you do when the hopes and dreams you have had for yourself and your family are suddenly dashed? That's a tough question! But, hey, Lighthouse Christian School is first and foremost, Christian! We believe in the power of prayer to God through Jesus Christ. Don't ever stop praying.

It's been said that a person can live without food for thirty days. They can live without water for three days. But they cannot live without hope much longer than that.

There are not too many pitiful sights than to see a man or woman who has lost hope. And transition can exacerbate that feeling of hopelessness. Remember to not dwell on the event that has caused the transition. Ask God to give you hope. And fall back on your support system; those positive influencers in your life. This could be your father or mother, siblings, friends, neighbors, teachers.

Finally, don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help. You might be surprised by who's the first to reach out and give you a hand up!

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