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Learning to Honor

One of the biggest lessons any of us can ever learn in life is to learn how to honor. There are several uses of the word and all of us would do well to learn them, know them and make them a part of our daily lives. Specifically, I'm talking about the verb.

When you look up the definition of the word, you'll find at least a couple of instances in the dictionary. The first reads, "regard with great respect." The second reads, "fulfill (an obligation) or keep (an agreement)."

The bible commands us, among a few examples, to honor our parents. In fact, it says that this commandment is the first one that includes a promise. That promise is that things would go well for us and we would have a long life on earth. Check out Ephesians 6:2 & 3. I'd say that's a pretty good deal!

Unfortunately, the idea of honoring people, especially our parents, is not something that is taught these days. In fact, we're bombarded with a constant influx of television and movie content that teaches just the opposite. It's become more and more passé, even uncool, to even suggest that someone should honor their parents. You've got to learn to fight that lie! At Lighthouse, we are firm believers that what we read in the bible is, in fact, the word of God. We really do believe that God means what He says.

If you have been guilty of not honoring your parents, make the commitment now to begin...TODAY! It's never too late. It may also be a great idea to ask your parents to forgive you for not honoring them in the past and that today is a new day. Another huge benefit to this will be how much deeper and intimate your relationship will be with them. Start today.

The second definition is the other commitment you can make today. Fulfilling and obligation or commitment and keeping and agreement is the sign of someone on which you can rely. Believe it or not, an employer or business owner always look for someone who keeps commitments when wanting to promote someone in their business or company. Aside from this big benefit, honoring your commitments is simply the right thing to do!

At Lighthouse, we have a goal to be people who honor others and keep our commitments. Likewise, we teach our students to be people who do the same. We know our students will one day own businesses, work at jobs in companies and organizations, volunteer and help move society along. Obviously, a generation of individuals who have learned the lesson of honor will make the world a better place to live. We commit to do our part!


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