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Open Doors

Throughout our lives, undoubtedly, each of us will have opportunities come our way that seem divine. The truth of the matter is, if you're walking with Jesus, those opportunities are divine.

When I use the term door, what I mean is not necessarily actual door you open and walk through. The door I mean is metaphorical. It could be a job opportunity, a business idea, an invention, a scholarship, a relationship, favor with someone, etc.

Photo by Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash

I can't begin to tell you how many times in my life when I was faced with needing some kind of door to open for me. Perhaps it was a need for more provision because of my growing family. I may have been a time when a family member was sick and I needed a door to open that would provide the right treatment. Perhaps it was when we were building our first home many years ago and we needed the financing to go through. These were all examples of doors I felt needed to be open.

So what did we do? We prayed. We asked God to intervene on our behalf. Many times, we saw doors open and we really believe on many occasions, we witnessed a miracle. There just seemed to be things or circumstances that happened that could not have been orchestrated more perfectly if someone had tried.

But, to be fair, there were also many times that the door I thought was supposed to be open, didn't! That actually became a HUGE life lesson for me about needs and wants. It also gave an insight into God's best for my life.

You see, I learned the value in asking God to open doors of opportunity and to, just as importantly, close doors He didn't want me to walk through. Think about it; what value is it if I walk through some door, often times that I forced open, if that is not God's best for my life. I've had the rich discovery that God sees not only the beginning but also the end. What may appear to me to be some amazingly terrific opportunity or relationship or job may actually end up being a miserable nightmare. Thank God for closed doors!

The truth is, when some attractive door in my life appeared, worry set in and I wondered how much better my life would be if that certain something would happen, that door would open. Jesus said in Matthew 6, "not to worry about everyday life—whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear." It boils down to trusting the Father. If you've made Jesus Lord of your life, God is now your heavenly Father. And if He's your Father, know that He cares about everything in your life.

So, going forward, learn to ask the Lord to open doors for you and, just as significantly, close doors He doesn't want you to walk through. He cares for you!

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