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Overlooked Wisdom

Old age may have its limitations and challenges, but in spite of them, our latter years can be some of the most rewarding and fulfilling of our lives. ~Billy Graham

During the early years of my lifetime up until recently, there seems to have been a rapid decline in the way we treated the elderly in our society. Often, it seemed, when folks got old or retired or disabled, there was the tendency to discard or put 'em away. The old adage, "Out of sight, out of mind" seems apropos.

Each generation has the thought that they can do things better. Of course, technology has certainly helped to perpetuate that idea. With the rise in artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, increased internet speeds, microchip efficiency, and global wireless communication, the increased speed at which information is flowing can cause us to overlook grandma and grandpa telling us about the good 'ole days.

As the baby-boomer generation ages and because they have been conditioned to believe the younger folks know better, many retirees simply fall into a dependent life, relegating thought and ingenuity to the youngsters.

Thankfully, there has been a shift. In recent years, the number of senior advocacy groups is on the rise. People are living longer and stronger and seeking more independence. The number of older folks remaining in the workforce has continued to increase. And, frankly, because of that, we should learn to tap into this great wealth of wisdom and knowledge!

I like Billy Graham's quote above. While we shouldn't put our heads in the sand, trying avoid the realities of physical limitations, we should never think that the best years have passed. Truly, the best years of our lives can be those our latter years.

What is it that God is saying to you today? Don't know? Haven't listened to Him in a while? Don't think He's talking?

Guess what. God loves to talk with His children. If you've received the gift of everlasting life through Jesus, you're one of God's children! It doesn't matter if you're young or old or anything in between. You can be His child.

Your age is simply a number. Your perspective can be one of great joy or great sadness. The choice is really up to you. God is freely giving His wisdom out to His children and you can be the recipient of that wisdom.

Ask Him for it today!

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